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The Mind Travelle in Brittany, shoting "The Girl Out There video clip


"People say music is a universal language, but I feel like music is the language of the Universe."

More about that quote on The Trouble Notes blog

The Mind Traveller is a Paris based singer-songwriter who found his true inspiration through travelling and busking all around the world. His songs mirror his quest to find meaning in life and to accept its constant struggle between beauty and darkness, creating music tainted with a hopeful and colorful melancholy.


The Mind Traveller’s progressive folk-rock sounds and poetic lyrics resonates with every place and person he kept in his heart while travelling or touring for the past 8 years. He's wandered and serenaded from the streets of San Francisco, to the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland; traversed the thriving underground artistic community of Paris or Milan, to the crazy characters of Berlin and Budapest; he's drawn upon the harmonious chaos of Istanbul and Athens and roved the confusing cityscapes of Hong Kong and Bangkok. As a result, his music will guide your imagination into a journey of subtle emotion and mystical landscapes.


After his first French solo EP "Hibernation Sociale" came out in 2014, a few years had passed before the grand scope of his projects propelled him back into the studio. As he started writing again on the road, English naturally imposed itself for the next songs, like "The Girl Out There", released in april 2017, and most of the new upcoming 5-track EP "See You in Another Life“. The full album “Reconnection” is expected by spring 2020. It will conclude this decade of travels and experiments and will be the soundtrack of the novel he will release at the same time : “Un autre jour, dans une autre ville, dans un autre vie”.


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