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News #1: USS MindTravel, ready to launch

Here's the newsletter I sent on the 1st of may 2018 to everybody who had subscribed to it. Release & touring plan for the next 2 years, Star Trek like adventures in new territories and bonus tracks.

I like a date people can remember. That's why I released the new EP on the 21st of March, the first day of spring. Today is the 1st of may, and the beginning of another journey. Before giving you access to some exclusive Bonus Tracks, let me tell you why this first newsletter is symbolic. You're getting it because you liked the record "See You In Another Life", along with all the other people receiving this, and that's very special to me. But that was only a first step as I'm already looking at the future to take you further and deeper into the Mind Traveller's Universe. In the words of Star Trek 🖖, I feel like we're embarking on the USS MindTravel, setting course for the Galaxy "Reconnection", which will complete the journey to the full album. I hope to count you as a crew member to accompany me in the crazy adventures leading to that destination.

It's gonna be a long 2 year-trip, but there will be many exciting stops along the way. New songs, new videos, new tours, new stories... I'm planning to explore some new countries starting this august with Sweden / Norway / Finland-- with stops in France, Denmark and maybe Belgium / Holland. I also plan to swing by the UK & Ireland in autumn, Spain & Portugal in winter, and hope to squeeze my usual route in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy in between. Then, 2019 will be the time to explore new continents : Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA and Canada are on my list for spring and summer. If you know any venues or festivals in any of these countries that resonate with my music, please send me their names so I can contact them ! Then, I will lock myself in studio to record the full album in autumn 2019. Two years from now, on the 1st of may 2020, I will release it :) That's the plan so far, but, well... We can never fully control what happens on the road and it could be a bumpy ride, so I hope I can count on your help as an active crew member to reach our destination ! This is also why this newsletter will be special. You will always be the first ones to know about everything as your feedback will be a big help in reaching these goals. So today, I will give you exclusive access to 3 behind the scene bonus tracks. Two of them could have been on the EP, but I decided to put them on hold because they had a different atmosphere from the other tracks and I felt they needed more work. The third one is a live cover of Jacques Brel that some of you have already heard on my collective's JamBus CD. You can listen to these tracks for free, or download them for the amount of your choice to help the making of the album ("Amsterdam" is completely free).

*** For those reading the blog but not registered to the newsletter yet, click here to sign up and have access to the bonus tracks ***

Let me know how you feel about them by answering this email or writing me on Facebook ! 🖖 Dream Long and Prosper 🖖 The Mind Traveller Follow me on Facebook - Youtube - Instagram

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